Asia-Pacific Communication and Marketing Council

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This council draws on the expertise of its members, augmented by insights of respected leaders in the fields of public relations, public affairs, investor and legal communications, employee relations, community relations, communications technologies, and other areas pertinent to the broad responsibility of corporate communication executives. Council meetings are designed to encourage candid and rich exchange of ideas, problem-solving and benchmarking opportunities, strategic debate, and peer relationship building among Council members. Members include senior corporate communications executives from major corporations.

Requirements for Membership:

  • Members must be the senior communications or public relations executive from their companies.
  • A candidate must be employed by a company that is a member of The Conference Board and is qualified for Council representation.

Program Director

Lambert Chan

Lambert Chan

Program Director, Asia-Pacific Communication and Marketing Council
The Conference Board
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Why join the Asia-Pacific Communication and Marketing Council?


As a relative newcomer to Asia Pacific, I find great value in the insights and analyses constantly being shared by the Conference Board’s in-house experts. Coupled with the case studies and best practices openly discussed in the Council, they have been instrumental in helping me design and adapt my organization’s communication plans.

Pablo Largacha, Vice President, Public Affairs, Coca-Cola Asia-Pacific

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Find out what members value most about their council membership.

Find out what members value most about their council membership.