Council of Economists

Formed in 1983, the European Council of Economists brings together economists from both sides of the Atlantic to exchange views on economic, monetary and financial developments. Meetings include a round-robin exchange of forecasts about the European and world economies, reviews of major industrial sectors and analysis of significant developments in the international economy.

Council members are economists from the financial service and industrial sectors of multinational companies.

Format and Agenda

Conference Board Councils are ongoing peer networks that meet three times a year. The level of trust that is built during and between meetings allows members to share leading practices and discuss challenges and successes in an off-the-record environment. Content for meeting agendas is set by members, so the discussions are timely and relevant. The group will typically discuss one subject in substantial depth, including occasional workshop sessions, and two to three other topics in a shorter fashion.

Recent and upcoming themes include:

  • Perspectives on the European Union's Competition Policy
  • European and world economic outlook
  • Major Issues for Central Banks in the World Financial System
  • Performance of the € and ECB monetary policy
  • Industries and Sectors — Performance and prospects
  • Macro-economic outlook — key assumptions and key risks at a time when the going is getting to be tough
  • Systemic risk and turbulence in the financial sector — the credit crunch beyond sub-primes
  • Prospects for oil prices, interest rates and exchange rates
  • Outlooks for BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China)
  • The pace of reform in the EU

The council director is Thomas Bernt Henriksen, Economics Editor, Børsen.

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The Conference Board Councils

Find out what members value most about their council membership.

Find out what members value most about their council membership.