Customer Experience Council II

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Customer Experience is the end-to-end journey of the customer’s interaction with your business. It can’t be separated from the growth of the business, and is in fact the substance to making the company more profitable. Companies today are working to significantly improve their Customer Experience to achieve business success, especially in light of the social media era with real-time interactive feedback.

Belonging to a Council gives you real-life examples from other companies well known for their Customer Experience initiatives facing the same challenge and succeeding – not advice from vendors selling their latest program. Council members freely share their hard-earned wisdom, and you get the benefit of learning leading edge approaches from top companies and applying those most relevant to drive your profitability. Specific topics discussed include:

  • Customer experience strategy & key drivers – Culture, Design, Process, Infrastructure, Innovation, Leadership
  • Evolution of a Customer Experience program over time – maturity levels of organizations
  • Emerging models, customer segmentation approaches, governance, and deployment
  • Designing voice of the customer programs and ongoing process improvements
  • Focusing on employee engagement
  • Journey Mapping, ROI Measurement, Analytics, Emotional Connection, KPIs, Listening Tools

The power of peer learning

Enduring relationships with trusted peers who become friends is the core of the council experience. Enhanced by our global, enterprise-wide reach, these relationships extend the value of council membership. Confidential, candid peer dialogue provides you with a broader perspective, as well as access to specific knowledge and best practices.

Council membership benefits

  • Collective problem solving that puts your issues on the agenda
  • Benchmarking through regular surveys of council members about relevant company practices
  • Multifunctional insights generated by over 100 councils (covering more than 50 functions) across geographies
  • Virtual communities that extend learning opportunities through a variety of online forums and other resources

What happens at a meeting?

  • Presentations by members or external experts on topics selected by members
  • Discussions on leading edge or “day to day” issues picked by and moderated by members
  • Panels where 2-3 members share experiences on a topic

Who should join?

Senior executives responsible for the customer relationship at major corporations

What members say

“The Customer Experience Council has created a fantastic opportunity to network with industry experts across many business sectors.The sharing of insights, internal processes, experiences on the CE journey and “rocks turned over” during our sessions are invaluable.  Additionally, the relationships established have provided a great resource between meetings to leverage.” 

Program Director

Cassie Stern

Program Director
The Conference Board
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Find out what members value most about their council membership.

Find out what members value most about their council membership.