Narrator: Gary Ranker, Ph.D., Executive Coach, Forbes “Top Five,”
Co-author, Political Dilemmas at Work

Track One: Keynote Address: The Future of Coaching and Mojo
Marshall Goldsmith, Executive Coach, Forbes “Top Five,” Author,
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Track Two: Lessons Learned in Building and Reorganizing
Your Coaching Program
Chris Pollino, Program Manager for EC Practice, Executive Development
Group, Genentech; Marc Effron, President, Talent Strategy Group,
Founder of the New Talent Management Network (NTMN) and Author,
One Page Talent Management

Track Three: The Rise of Virtual Coaching: Pros and Cons
David Clutterbuck, Senior Partner, Clutterbuck Associates,
a Division of General Physics (UK) Ltd.

Track Four: Measuring the Impact of Coaching
Jack Phillips, Chairman, ROI Institute

Track Five: The Conference Board’s Executive Coaching
Practice Survey
Lee Wanveer, Vice President, The Learning Organization, Prudential;
Erica Desrosiers, Director, Organization & Management Development,
PepsiCo, Inc.

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