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07 December, 2017

Challenges You May be Facing

There is little question that the Internet of Things will soon be as ubiquitous as the personal computer, with 40-100 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020, representing an industry sector with annual revenues of approximately $1.3 trillion. While there are signs that mass consumer adoption of home automation might not proceed as smoothly as originally hoped, it is nevertheless inevitable. The resulting impact on a wide range of businesses will be disruptive, and not necessarily in the positive sense of that term. While the opportunities are enormous, the risks are also significant: Doing it wrong could be as damaging as failing to do it at all.

About the Conference/Seminar

The Conference Board seminar on the Internet of Things will examine in depth the business implications of this advancing technology, focusing on the identification of specific trends, the exploitation of unique opportunities, and the emergence of competitive threats. The emphasis will be on addressing the interests of existing enterprises rather than startups.

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Who Should Attend

Enterprises focused on products with a consumer orientation, at any stage of IoT sophistication.  Expected titles include:

  • CIOs, CMOs, CTOs
  • VPs, Directors, Managers:
    • Innovation
    • Product development/design
    • Marketing
    • Brand
    • Customer Experience
    • Customer Insights
    • User Experience
    • Hardware Engineering
    • Software Development

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