26 - 27 September, 2017

About This Seminar

As the world of work continues to quickly morph, traditional views of Career Development (CD) are shifting. Consequently, there is significant demand for information from organizations seeking to define their role in this new working environment, along with how best and to what degree to provide support and guidance for employees as they progress through their careers.

The upward ladder of mobility is being redefined as a “lattice” approach where millennials are next in line as future leaders, and employees are seeking a more holistic, individual-focused view of CD. In the new world, “up” isn’t the only way – many employees are seeking rotations, lateral shifts, stretch assignments, and role enrichment to fulfill their desire for career growth. CD is identified as one of the key engagement factors for employees, and organizations are working to leverage it as a competitive tool to attract and retain top talent as well as improve productivity.

Key takeaways from the seminar include:

• Adapting culture and engaging leaders to support employees in their career growth
• Developing and deploying mentoring programs, including a focus on development for women
• Integrating CD with other key talent processes to meet business priorities
• Measuring CD and providing data that provides value to decision makers
• Analyzing future workforce dynamics and identifying key implications for career growth
• How CD contributes to moving beyond work/life balance to caring for the whole person

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