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21 June, 2017

PLEASE NOTE VENUE CHANGE: This Lab will now be held at the New York Marriott Downtown

This highly interactive one- day seminar will feature practitioners from leading companies sharing their learnings on how to tackle the most complex and challenging organization transformation efforts.  From implementing new business models, to building new ways of working, success is predicated on leadership alignment, clarity of intent, and thoughtful and disciplined management of the process end-to-end.  Business executives and OD/HR practitioners will engage together to navigate three detailed case studies.  Presentations will feature tools and techniques, new approaches, and essential building blocks for orchestrating complex organizational reinvention.

Session One: Designing Differentiating, Growth-oriented Business Models

Every organization seems to be looking for the perfect business model that will allow it outpace competitors and deliver sustainable value to customers and shareholders.  While talk about business models has reached nearly every boardroom in the world, the reality is that few organization understand the design principles that drive marketplace distinctiveness and the design of a winning, growth-oriented business model.  This session will highlight principles, tools and examples of organizations that have designed business models not just for efficiency, but for distinctiveness and growth.  

Reed Deshler, Author of Mastering the Cube: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks and Building an Organization that Works, and Principal, AlignOrg Solutions

Session Two:  A Case Study in Building New Strategic Capabilities

Products, services, even business models can be copied and reproduced, but a company that truly understands customers and creates experiences that matter to those customers has a competitive advantage that is exceptionally difficult to copy.  Of course, transforming customer experience is no easy task.  It requires a whole set of interconnected systems, processes, skills and technologies.  Hear the story of how one organization is working to build an organizational capability that transforms customer experience.

Beth Gunderson, Sr. Director Organization Capability, General Mills


Session Three:  Using Design Thinking to Drive Culture Change

Design Thinking is shaping product development and the design of customer journey experiences in many organizations.  But Design Thinking can also be a powerful tool in Organization Design.  This case study will showcase one company’s use of Design Thinking in a variety of projects, which has both resulted in new ways of working and a tool for modeling and implementing new cultural behaviors.

Jeff Higgins, HR Specialist – Organizational Effectiveness, Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Who Should Attend

This conference is designed exclusively for executives responsible for large-scale transformation efforts or wanting to make their organization more effective. Expected titles include: 

Chief Executives, Heads, VPs and Directors of:

  • HR Business Partners
  • Organization Design
  • OD/OE
  • Change and Transformation
  • Business Capability
  • Business Performance
  • Strategy

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