24 - 25 October, 2017

About This Seminar

The workplace is rapidly evolving and the design and building of the workplace has become a powerful tool in influencing the bottom line specifically employee engagement, satisfaction, productivity and innovation. For facilities, real estate and operations managers, it no longer sufficient to focus on usage of space – who uses it and how much do they need. They must now focus on how the physical environment is configured, the layout of workspace, information technology, data requirements, culture and brand, leadership and business alignment, and how employees feel about their workspace. Needs and interests vary among different groups within the organization and workplace design must be flexible and prepared to adapt and make adjustments.

For HR, it is not sufficient to focus on the people, process, structure and strategy, they must also be concerned with the physical environment and workspace, communication technology, culture and brand, and the complementary amenities needed by employees to be engaged and productive. Integration and connectivity between and within departments is critical to business success and maintaining silos between departments and groups is no longer an option. To do so, more often than not impedes productivity rather than helps.

The Designing and Building Collaborative Workplaces Summit will focus on the many ways in which collaborative workplaces are: changing the design of organizations; changing culture, changing leadership and applying information technological advances to manage a collaborative ecosystem. Please join the thought leaders and speakers from a cross section of organizations and disciplines in exploring the many ways collaborative workplaces are leading the way in strengthening organization design and promoting organization change.

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Topics under development include:

  • Collaborative Workplaces: What, Why, Why Now
  • The Current Landscape of Workplace Design
  • A New Real Estate Footprint: Building Collaborative Workplaces
  • Collaborative Workplace Design for the New Generation Workforce: Space, Wellness and Work
  • How Collaborative Workplaces, supported by technology, enhance Talent Management
  • Expressing an organization’s brand through workplace design
  • Maximizing productivity through Collaborative Workplace design
  • What can we learn from co-working?
  • Leadership in a collaborative workplace
  • Innovative architecture in collaborative workplace design
  • Introducing communication tools, mobile enablers and innovative technologies that connect the collaborative workplace ecosystem

Who Should Attend?

The Collaborative Workplace Summit provides a valuable source of information and insight for senior leaders and specialists in:

  • Real Estate
  • Talent Management
  • Workforce Innovation
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Organization Design
  • HR Senior Management
  • Operations

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