21 June, 2017  — Pre-Conference Seminar: 2017 Organization Design LAB
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22 - 23 June, 2017  — 15th Annual Change and Transformation Conference
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21 June, 2017

PLEASE NOTE VENUE CHANGE: This Lab will now be held at the New York Marriott Downtown

2017 Organization Design LAB
Transforming Business Models, Capabilities and Cultures
June 21, 2017

This highly interactive one- day seminar will feature practitioners from leading companies sharing their learnings on how to tackle the most complex and challenging organization transformation efforts.  From implementing new business models, to building new ways of working, success is predicated on leadership alignment, clarity of intent, and thoughtful and disciplined management of the process end-to-end.  Business executives and OD/HR practitioners will engage together to navigate three detailed case studies.  Presentations will feature tools and techniques, new approaches, and essential building blocks for orchestrating complex organizational reinvention.

Session One: Keys to Successful Organization Transformation: Getting from the Organization Design to Realization

Nearly every organization is contemplating, engaged in, or hoping to successfully conclude some type of organization transformation. Despite all of the tools, best practices, and sage advice, many transformation efforts fail to realize the desired results. While no formula will guarantee success every time, there are some keys to improving the odds of designing a distinctive organization, engaging the members of your organization, and achieving desired results. This workshop will highlight several organization design concepts and tools that business and HR leaders alike can use to design optimal organizations, highlight the keys to successful transformation and share case studies of organizations who have achieved great results.

Session Two:  The Real World of Globalization: What It Takes to Design a Truly Global Organization

Our world is increasingly interconnected and interdependent. While having an international footprint was once the purview of only the largest organizations, today’s technology enables companies of all sizes to “go global”. But true globalization means more than doing business in multiple markets. It has implications for functions, structure, processes, tools and people. Learn about the journey General Mills is taking as they move to truly globalize, and learn what implications their experience has for your organization.

Session Three:  Building (and Sustaining) a Culture of Innovation

Companies large and small need to adapt to changing customer needs and new ways of working. The best ones don’t innovate. Rather they create a culture of innovation: a climate where new ideas and risk-taking are encouraged. The climate is shaped both by formal ways of working (like collaborations and incubations) and by fostering curiosity and deep engagement. It starts before an employee joins the firm and is continually refined. 

Who Should Attend

This conference is designed exclusively for executives responsible for large-scale transformation efforts or wanting to make their organization more effective. Expected titles include: 

Chief Executives, Heads, VPs and Directors of:

  • HR Business Partners
  • Organization Design
  • OD/OE
  • Change and Transformation
  • Business Capability
  • Business Performance
  • Strategy

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