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07 - 08 June, 2017

Increasingly, companies are being disrupted by unexpected changes in their business environment. As, new concerns arise daily from political, economic, social media, terrorism, cyber and even weather and health concerns, it is important to have a grasp on how these issues can interrupt your daily operations.This seminar will enable you to learn how to apply best practices in managing your company’s ability to anticipate and respond competitively to these challenges.

Participants at this event will learn new and effective ways to improve their company’s risk management and create a more resilient company.  You will learn how to approach risk through the channels of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), continuous resilience, crisis management, and incident reporting. We will take a deep-dive into strategic, compliance, operational, financial, reputational and cyber risk to determine the best approach for continuous resilience at your company. Practical exercises will be offered on how to implement best practices, become more resilient, and help improve your company's risk management.

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 Who Should Attend

This conference is designed for Heads, Vice Presidents, and Directors of the following business areas:

  • Risk officers
  • Ethics & Compliance Officers
  • Legal
  • Corporate Security
  • Business Continuity & Crisis management
  • Information Security
  • Auditing
  • PR/Communications
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Sustainability officers
  • Regulatory officer
  • Strategy
  • Human Resources/Talent/Leadership Development Officers
  • Learning Officers

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