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19 - 20 May, 2016

This is the age of communication, and the current information revolution we are witnessing today has been compared to the invention of moveable print in the fifteenth century. Communications professionals are at the very heart of this transformation and getting to grips with the ever-changing landscape whilst supporting the strategy of the organization is a major challenge.

The Conference Board's 21st Annual Senior Corporate Communications Conference will showcase how leading companies are rising to the challenges of effectively communicating in the modern world, and will look at the tools and strategies they are using to align themselves with business strategy and reap rewards.

Topics of Discussion Will Include:

  • Trust and the Function of Communications in Corporations
  • Communicating a Corporate Purpose
  • Mobilizing Your Employees as Storytellers
  • Planning Messaging and Executing Marketing Campaigns on Emerging Digital Platforms
  • Driving Alignment Through Conversations that Matter
  • Getting Strategic With Metrics 
  • Corporate Reality vs. Management Aspirations: The Results of a Corporate Culture Audit
  • Social Listening to Better Influence Consumers
  • Corporate Communication Practices Research
  • Internal Branding: Unifying Distinct Brands

New this year - SNCR will present their 10th Annual Excellence in New Communications Awards. This prestigious award will be granted in six divisions: Academic, Corporate, Government, Media, Nonprofit/NGO, and Technology Innovation.

For more information on the pre-conference SNCR Awards Ceremony, click here.

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Earn up to 12.5 CPE credits in Communications 
Requirements: Attendees must sign-in each day for full credit.
Delivery Method: Group-Live, Program Level: Intermediate,
Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree or higher, Advanced Preparation: None

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