23 - 24 October, 2014

Joint Ventures have long been a way for companies to enter new markets and accelerate growth. Are JVs effective? Sometimes. Are they complex? Always.  Great strategic promise and high financial stakes have led many companies to take a closer look at lessons learned from their own past efforts, and pay more attention to best practices used by effective joint ventures.  From partner selection to exit strategy, structuring successful and sustainable business entities requires planning and focus. But yes, JV success is possible! 

The focus of The 2014 Joint Ventures Conference will be on achieving operational success.  Our speakers will include practiced JV leaders, business unit stakeholders and other specialists sharing actionable tactics, insight from experience and expert knowledge over two days. Given the strong interest in joint ventures and the vast complexity of their execution, this meeting promises to be rich with ideas and feature a high level of engagement.

Attendees will benefit from sessions on 

  • The new discipline companies are using to assess and structure joint venture opportunities
  • Ensuring a successful launch
  • Managing a JV portfolio to build synergies and maximize long-term value
  • The changing role of governance across the life span of a JV
  • Best practices on JV accounting, taxation, financing and reporting structures
  • An economic outlook for emerging markets

Who should attend?

This meeting is a resource for business visionaries who create or manage joint ventures around the globe.  Attendees will include c-suite leaders and business unit leader interested in joint ventures, alliances and partnerships, CFOs and executives in the areas of business development, corporate strategy, innovation and governance.

For more information on attending or speaking opportunities, please contact Elizabeth.Tighe@conference-board.org.

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