Scheduled Speakers 20 June, 2014

Shane Meeker has been with Procter & Gamble for 17 years and is the Company Historian & Corporate Storyteller.

He is the leader of the P&G Heritage & Archives Center where he and his team’s primary responsibilities are to research, collect, preserve and share P&G’s rich, inspirational 175 year history inside and outside the company. For the 15 years prior to this role he was an Associate Director in the P&G Design Function working on billion dollar brands like Tide, Gain, Downy, Olay, Pampers and Dawn. For several years he has also been focused on bringing the ideas, principles and processes of storytelling to life across P&G.
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His storytelling work includes helping teams use narrative theory to inspire and develop brand and organizational strategies, innovations and communications. He also leads various story-based workshops to help bring ideas to life.

In addition to his work at P&G, Shane has shared his story principles and workshops at various educational institutions, design agencies, conferences and external companies. Some of the companies he has shared his story work with include Walt Disney, Columbia Sportswear, General Motors, Starwood Hotels and American Express. Shane is also an Adjunct Professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology and co-teaches a yearly story-based graduate course called Innovation Narratives. He also co-teaches at the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP School of Design in a graduate course called Design Mythography. Most recently some of Shane’s story work was featured in Jonathan Cagan and Craig M. Vogel’s book Creating Breakthrough Products: Revealing the Secrets that Drive Global Innovation (2nd Edition).