20 June, 2014

STORYPOWER is a full day course (8:00 AM- 4:30 PM) that will cover the necessary intro, basics and principles of Storytelling along with some hands-on tools to apply to your specific projects.  Beginning with a basic understanding of mythology and the hero’s journey we will explore how story structures and ideas can be used across an infinite array of problems ranging from strategy, branding to overall better communication.

We will then go a step deeper and focus on taking your examples (individuals/teams should plan on bringing a project with them) and utilize story-based, Hollywood-esque tools and approaches to take the stories to the next level of depth, understanding and expression.

Teams/individuals should expect to share and present during the course.

We will cover a range of topics during the workshop - some of these

  • What is Story?  - creating a basic understanding
  • Starting Story Structures  - its application, development and form in basic levels
  • Understanding Mythology - its role in human, and brand, understanding and communication
  • The Narrative Recipe - the key ingredients/principles of any good story
  • The Quest Model - the Hero’s Journey form and it’s use as a strategy tool

Shane Meeker
Company Historian & Corporate Storyteller
Procter & Gamble