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MAY 22, 2014
May 22, 2014

This program is approved for Coaching Credits in Resource Development

The Leader-as-Coach is a comprehensive process to help managers become skilled in behavioral coaching techniques to assist others in their organization become more successful.    This process is built around seven coaching skills that are practiced through customized real world problems faced by the managers’ organization.  The daylong workshop is mainly learning by doing.   

The principles that form the foundations for the coach’s work are:

Emphasized Feedforward:  Future oriented suggestions for improvement

Reduce “in spite of” while building off of “because of” behaviors:  Managers are likely coaching people that are prone to continue some behavior that is not conducive to improving and have some characteristics that are vital to tap into to achieve positive change in behavior.

Place attention on the Stakeholders:  The center of attention here is not the manager; it is not even the person being coached.  The major attention is on the stakeholders who are affected by the behavior undergoing change. 

Change behavior and perception:  It is not only necessary for a leader to change; it is also necessary for those people around the leader to “see” the change and believe the leader will not regress. 

Topics covered in this seminar include:

  • How the belief set of successful people both helps and hinders improvement
  • The seven coaching skills that facilitate positive behavioral change
  • Coaching the 8-step encouraging development process
  • Importance of being a personal example of the 8-step process
  • Understanding the principles that underlie this “results-based” coaching
Join Chris Coffey for a day of interactive learning and sharing as he helps you develop the skills needed to help others become more successful.


8:00 Welcome, Objectives, Agenda & Workbook, Ground-Rule 
Belief Sets of Successful People / Guiding Principles
Coaching Process / Behavioral Coaching Skills
Introductory Case Study 

Behavioral Goal Setting – Skill Practice Trios
Action Planning – Small Group Exercise
Behavioral Rehearsal – Skill Practice Trios 

12:00 LUNCH
Behavioral Reinforcement – Skill Practice Trios
After Action Reviews – Skill Practice in Pairs

Personal Goal Setting Exercise
Feedforward Exercise 

Modeling the Leader Skills
Story Telling – Skill Practice in Pairs
Wrap-up / Next Steps and Commitments 

5:00 End of Day

Scheduled Speakers May 22, 2014

Scheduled Speakers May 22, 2014

About Chris Coffey:

For more than 25 years, Chris has worked and lived in a PhD world. His doctoral colleagues have been superb learning guides. My journey in education has been notably different from theirs; Mine started with law school and the dramatic arts.

After graduating from Fairfield University in Connecticut with a BS in marketing, he did a stint in the U.S. Navy, worked at a variety of jobs including ski instructor, attended law school for a while, and generally followed the pursuits that allow young men to find themselves. With marriage, Chris settled down and set about becoming an actor in New York City. For six exciting years, I studied acting and directing and struggled to find my place in the legitimate theater.

In 1980, his career took an upward turn when I was called to Los Angeles to appear in my first feature film: A Change of Seasons with Bo Derek.

Chris appeared in several prominent guest roles on the television series Dallas, Colby , and Emerald Point and more feature films and television roles followed. In retrospect, Chris feels his  acting roles prepared him for his later work as a consultant and teacher in executive and management coaching.

In parallel with his acting career, Chris was working and learning at the Center for Leadership Studies, where he met Paul Hersey, Marshall Goldsmith, and Frank Wagner. That changed his life. His stage and movie experience proved extremely useful in teaching and presenting. He had found my calling. By 1984, Chris  was totally out of the acting business and fully engaged in consulting as a member of the prestigious Keilty, Goldsmith & Boone firm in LaJolla, California. KGB were pioneering leaders in developing programs to teach Excellence in Management. Chris began by leading Excellent Manager Workshops for middle managers and above at IBM, Warner Lambert, Citibank, Apple and other Fortune 500 companies.

Through the ensuing years, his life's work has become developing and leading workshops that range from 90 minute keynoted speaking engagements to 3 day workshops. The different workshops cover a wide range of subject matter but each pertains to leadership development and excellence focusing on "Helping Successful People Get Even Better".