16 - 17 June, 2014

The question is no longer if law firms will change, but rather how they will change. How will talent management, analytics, strategy and leadership define the next generation of law firm success? What can today’s smart firm do to not only take advantage of new opportunities, but mitigate the risk from existing – and yet unknown challenges.

Its time to move beyond theoretical and address the issues that will define whether today’s law firm is even prepared to exist, yet alone grow by 2020 and beyond such as:

Outside Looking In: Beyond The Legal Industry

  • What can today’s law firm leadership learn from companies like Cisco that have become experts at identifying and capitalizing on industry disruption such as the one currently impacting the legal industry and how can your firm respond in a way that provides the greatest competitive advantage?
  • What can eBay’s approach towards recruiting, retaining and managing multi generational talent teach your firm about staying competitive with the talent of today – and tomorrow?
  • How would EY Knowledge’s Strategic Market Intelligence Leader build a competitive intelligence capability from scratch for a professional services firm based on decades and how can today’s firm action that design immediately?

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