04 - 05 June, 2014

Risk management has become an essential part of corporate management, strategy, and leadership over the past few years, and risk executives are increasingly required to work across a broad range of issues. Risk leaders also need to coach and train their staff in the detection and management of emerging risks. If properly structured and integrated with strategy, active risk management can provide a competitive advantage in all sectors, providing critical protection to corporate reputation and brand, as well as enabling strategic growth over time. This conference offers an up-to-date overview of the critical global and strategic risks confronting multinational organizations.

Fear of not knowing how to manage risk, understand risk, know what’s next, be at a disadvantage with competitors, fail to live up to legal and regulatory standards, understand complexity of issues, should drive folks to want to get the latest on the principal strategic, substantive and organizational risks.

Desire to learn more to make the organization more resilient and healthy and compete in the marketplace in an effective way

Desire to create value through effective risk management – to find the opportunity for growth, business process improvement and better products and services

Desire to create a better risk culture and appetite that retains employees, customers, and other stakeholders

Benefits of Attending

  • Review the latest in strategic risk management
  • Learn about emerging risks
  • Learn how to create a powerful risk management infrastructure
  • Work through a risk based crisis management exercise
  • Gain the board’s perspective on risk
  • Understand the global political risk context
  • Understand the intersection of risk and technology
  • Engage in peer learning
  • Network

Who Should Attend:
Mid-to-senior level executives in various functional areas (risk, ethics, compliance, audit, legal, corporate responsibility, procurement), strategy and business executives and board level directors, especially audit, risk and compliance committee members.

Topics Include:

Risk Infrastructure: The Board’s Role & Responsibility for Risk Oversight
This panel will review the key best practices, drivers and challenges of what constitutes proper board oversight of an organization’s risk management portfolio including what the board’s expectations are from management on risk information and transparency.

Martin Coyne, Chairman of the New Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors
Hans W. Decker, former CEO & Vice Chair of Siemens USA
D’Anne Hurd, Director, Hiperos, former GC & CFO

Risk Infrastructure: Enterprise Risk Management: Latest Developments & Best Practices
Experts on enterprise risk management structures from both the academic and practitioner perspectives will review what works, what doesn’t, major trends and best practices that ERM practitioners and chief risk officers should be aware of.

Professor Paul Walker, St. John’s University
Erin Harris, Enterprise Risk Management, Accenture
Satyajeet Ghosh, SVP, General Auditor & Risk Management, CA

Risk Infrastructure: Global Security, Business Continuity & Crisis Management: Integration with ERM
This risk infrastructure panel made up of seasoned professionals with a diversity and breadth of experience and knowledge from the public and private sectors will discuss the key connectors and touch points that exist or should exist between a company’s global security, business continuity and crisis management functions and how these relate back to the ERM system.

Edward Levy, VP Security MetLife
Steve Lubesky, Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Jonathan Tetzlaff, Merck & Co. (Retired)

Substantive Risk: Leadership & Culture Risk: Crisis Management Workshop
This interactive session will walk participants through a hypothetical crisis management case that underscores the little known but potentially high impact of two risks that are rarely part of an ERM or global risk management system: leadership and culture failure risk.

Andrea Bonime-Blanc, GEC Risk Advisory
Jacqueline E. Brevard, The Conference Board

Substantive Risk: Global Corruption & Bribery Risk
This expert panel will discuss the latest developments in bribery, corruption and financial crimes risk with important take aways and best practices relating back to how these risks integrate into an ERM system.

Zain Raheel, HSBC

Substantive Risk: Financial Sector Risk: Spotlight on Culture Risk
This panel will review some of the key risks that financial institutions face including the little discussed but critically important role of having an ethical risk culture that goes beyond the compliance culture that pervades most financial organizations.

Willem Punt, Head Fair Market Conduct & Group Ethics Officer, First Rand Bank of South Africa

Dora Gomez, Former Chief Fraud Officer, AXA Technology

Substantive Risk: Intellectual Property Risk
Mitigating the Threat of Trade Secret Theft: Risk Management Strategies

Pamela Passman, President of Create.org 

Substantive Risk: Macro-Risks, GeoPolitical Risk & Trends
This panel of geo-political risk experts will review some of the macro-risk trends globally that are affecting and will affect global business in the near to longer term future

Julia Taylor Kennedy, Principal, JTK Consulting Services

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