20 May, 2014  — Pre-Conference Seminar: Brand Leadership Experience at NASA
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21 - 22 May, 2014  — Corporate Brand and Reputation Conference
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20 May, 2014

What’s a conference in Houston without an out-of-this-world session at NASA’s Johnson Space Center? Before the official conference kicks off, you’ll have the unique opportunity to blast off into The Conference Board’s Apollo Leadership Development Experience. This one day event will be a giant leap for how you perceive leadership. From an insider’s perspective, you’ll hear behind-the-scenes, dramatic tales of how some of NASA’s top leaders overcame extraordinary challenges to achieve success and change the course of history.

You’re no astronaut, of course, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know what it’s like to head into the unknown. Every day, your organization faces new struggles. The rich and unparalleled insights you’ll gain from this experience—far different than what typical business cases offer—will place you in a better position to manage uncertainty and change, build a culture of innovation, empower teams, overcome setbacks, and steer your brand toward success.

You will discover new ways to:

• Articulate a clear picture of success to help your team work toward a common goal
• Cultivate the agility to inspire confidence and turn setbacks into opportunities
• Create an environment that inspires both radical and incremental innovation
• Prepare for unexpected, high-stakes moments that call for decisive action
• Understand when to “step up” and “step back” to bring out team members’ leadership abilities
• Cope with a climate of uncertainty in which resources, challenges and priorities are likely to change

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