20 May, 2014  — Pre-Conference Seminar: Brand Leadership Experience at NASA
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21 - 22 May, 2014  — Corporate Brand and Reputation Conference
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21 - 22 May, 2014

You know the cliché: You’re only as good as your name. Turns out, that’s only partly true. The reality is, you’re only as good as the people who manage your name. In other words, your company’s name is only as good as you are. By attending this highly interactive conference, you will be able to boost your skills and, ultimately, your brand. Leaders of the world’s most valued brands—including FedEx, Shell, Hewlett-Packard and McDonald’s,—will help you gain new insights, exchange ideas, and solve problems specific to your company. You’ll discover effective, and, most importantly, practical strategies to propel your organization into the future. Let’s face it, as business landscapes continue changing more rapidly than ever, it’s going to take new ways to address an old cliché. By attending this conference, you’ll:

  • Learn from top executive how they’ve handled their biggest challenges and opportunities
  • Influence fellow colleagues—and extend your professional network—by sharing your own experiences and advice
  • Discover what trends are shaping the field of brand management
  • Build new skills for guiding your team and your brand through good times and bad
  • Improve your ability to anticipate and meet your C-suite’s expectations
  • Enhance techniques to engage all employees to become brand ambassadors
  • Tackle real-life cases in “peer-assist” sessions that tap into the best ways to solve problems

Plus, what’s a conference in Houston without an out-of-this-world experience at NASA’s Johnson Space Center? On May 20 (the day before the conference starts), you’ll have the option to participate in a brand-leadership immersion experience at the Center. (Brand-building lessons from the Apollo program are reinforced during the conference, as well.)

Who Should Attend
Chief brand officers and their teams; chief marketing officers; marketing professionals; leaders of marketing research, public relations, communications, and digital strategy; and others with brand-management responsibilities, including HR and legal executives.

Session Topics Include:

  • Navigating the Digital Landscape: How Brand Leaders Are Finding New Paths to Growth
  • Strategies for Building the IBM Brand Today: The Foundation for Successful Business and Employee Actions
  • Where Brand and Reputation Collide
  • Social Apps and the Cloud: 3M’s Path to Digital Innovation
  • Peer-Assist Panel: Solutions to Your Biggest Challenges
  • The “Higher Purpose” Campaign: How John Deere is Reaching Multiple Stakeholders
  • Leading in Times of Crisis: Shell’s Story
  • Brand Usage: NASA’s Decision-Making Process
  • The C-Suite’s Emerging Expectations for Global Brands
  • AAA’s Roadtrip to Brand Metrics
  • Emerging Technologies: A Glimpse of The Probable
  • Brand Leadership for the Future: The 21st Century Leader Mind Set and Skill Set
  • Ventures into the Unknown: What the Orbital Perspective Teaches Us About Brand Leadership

For speaking opportunities, please contact Mary Beth Reidy at MaryBeth.Reidy@conferenceboard.org.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Michael Felden at Michael.Felden@conferenceboard.org.

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