The Conference Board and Pratt Institute Present Design Thinking

Hear from world-class designers and best-in-class companies about how they have applied design thinking in their organizations and how it is helping them out-innovate their competition.


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Pratt Institute
144 W. 14th Street
New York, NY 10011
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Pratt Institute
APRIL 10 - 11, 2014
April 10 - 11, 2014

The Design Thinking Seminar will bring together world-class designers and best-in-class companies to share how they apply design thinking in their organizations to help them out-innovate their competition.  Held at Pratt Institute, one of the world’s leading colleges of art and design, attendees will get an in-depth look at the concept of design thinking, a way to implement creative problem solving that is centered on the human element: what is needed, who needs it, how will they use it, can it be produced efficiently.

Topics covered will include:

  • What design thinking is and how it can be applied
  • Why everyone in your organization should be thinking like a designer
  • How insights take shape and lead to innovation
  • How to overcome roadblocks to design thinking
  • Hallmarks of effective leadership in the design thinking organization—and how to achieve it in your company
  • Developing the kind of leaders that are needed to transform an organization

Plus, don’t miss these exciting event highlights!

  • “The Triple Bottom Line by Design” - Improve your companies’ profitability while creating sustainable environmentally sound products and services through innovative design
  • “AARP/Life Reimagined Test Case” – Learn how AARP experimented with a new take on design thinking (dubbed "social design") to impact how their customers engage, educate and empower themselves.

The Creative Brain
Dr. Ellen Levy, Visiting Professor, Pratt Institute

The Creative In,telligence in the Room
Monte Gibbs, Graphic Facilitator & Pratt Conference Moderator 

Making Design Thinking Relevant to Everyone
Barbara Spurrier, Director, Center for Innovation, The Mayo Clinic 

What is Design Thinking and How Does It Drive Profitable Innovation?
Mary McBride, Chair, Arts & Cultural Management and Design Management, Pratt Institute 

Stories and Lessons from Corporate Design Thinking Practitioners
Moderator: Jim Lichtenberg, Program Director, Innovation Council, The Conference Board

Panelists: Michelle Proctor, Director of Innovation, FedEx, Barbara Spurrier, Director, Center for Innovation, The Mayo Clinic, Erica Eden, Director of Design Innovation,PepsiCo.               

Roadblocks to Design Thinking
Monte Gibbs, Graphic Facilitator & Pratt Conference Moderator 

Design for Empowerment
Emilio Pardo, Chief Brand Officer, AARP
Giovanni Rodriguez, SocialxDesign, consultant to Life Reimagined

Case Study: Design and Design Thinking at FedEx
Michelle Proctor, Director of Innovation, FedEx

Design Thinking: Architects, Designers and Agency Partnership-A Story of Gaining Growth
Chris MacDonald, President, McCann Erickson New York
Brian Berry, Principal and Design Director, Gensler 

Action Planning Part I and II
These sessions will use design principles to design a solution to the problem assigned. Multiple solutions are developed in small groups; the larger group evaluates and improves on the small group efforts for a better design.

For more information, Download the full agenda

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Peter Barna, Provost , Pratt Institute

Brian Berry, Principal and Design Director , Gensler

Erica Eden, Director of Global Design Innovation , PepsiCo, Inc.

Monte Gibbs, Graphic Facilitator and Pratt Conference Moderator, Pratt Institute

Ellen Levy, Visiting Professor , Pratt Institute

James Lichtenberg, Program Director Council on Innovation, The Conference Board, Inc.

Chris MacDonald, President , McCann-Erickson WorldGroup

Mary McBride, Chairperson Design Management Program, Pratt Institute

Emilio Pardo, Executive Vice President and President of Life Reimagined, AARP

Michelle Proctor, Director of Innovation, FedEx Corporation

Giovanni Rodriguez, Chief Executive Officer , SocialxDesign

Barbara Spurrier, Administrative Director, Center for Innovation, Mayo Clinic

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Pratt Institute