17 June, 2014  — Pre-Conference Seminar: New Internal Branding Programs: A Step-by-Step Framework for Implementation

18 - 19 June, 2014  — The 2014 Extending Your Brand to Employees Conference

19 June, 2014  — Workshop II: Employer Brand, Internal Brand, or Employee Value Proposition

19 June, 2014


Employer Brand, Internal Brand, or Employee Value Proposition What is the Difference and How Do You Develop One?

Whether to enhance recruitment and retention, increase employee engagement, or encourage employees to serve as brand ambassadors, the work for successful brand alignment must be done with a high degree of rigor. Using, a case study, this workshop focuses on:

  • A process for development and implementation
  • Creative techniques to discover the employer brand or value proposition
  • The role of stakeholders in ensuring success
  • Methods to integrate and sustain your brand or value proposition in the DNA of your organization
  • Ways to measure ROI

Chris Gay, Principal, Bridge Consulting









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