18 June, 2014  — Pre-Conference Seminar: Skills for Leaders of Today and Tomorrow
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19 - 20 June, 2014  — Women's Leadership Conference
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18 June, 2014

Interactive skill building and action planning developed and delivered by faculty from The Leader's Edge/Leaders by Design 

Introduction and Welcome 
Judy McHugh, M.B.A., Ed.D., Conference Chair and Program Director

Building an Authentic Leadership Platform, Gender and Leadership
This session focuses on understanding communication styles and leadership personalities. Assessing and analyzing results from the DiSC profile, participants will examine their communication preferences as well as those of others; learning how to translate their results into everyday interactions and best frame recommended solutions. An exploration of the natural preferences women bring to the workplace, and how to interact successfully with the natural preferences of men; will provide the benefits of appreciating, understanding and better communicating with one another. 

Molly D. Shepard MS, MSM and Peter J. Dean Ph.D.

Political Savvy and Effective Influence
This interactive session is designed to demonstrate a variety of influencing techniques that men and women can utilize to motivate others. Through an interactive discussion, participants will analyze their ability to get things done through people and develop a deeper understanding of the political and cultural dynamics of their organization. Participants will learn new strategies and utilize a tool to map various stakeholders, enabling them to be even more effective in building critical mass in support of a critical issue. The goal of this session is to provide participants with the insight to more effectively Influence other people, while still being true to self. 

Nila Betof, Ph.D.

Self-reflection and Review
Judy McHugh, M.B.A., Ed.D.

Building Personal Resiliency
“The only constant is change” has never been more accurate. With each day that goes by, the pace of change is accelerating and having the ability to deal with change successfully is becoming more critical. During this session, participants will engage in a personal resiliency assessment and learn to become more resilient when faced with conflict, disappointment and hard times by action planning to build an internal reservoir of resiliency. 

Nila Betof, Ph.D.

Ensuring a High-Performing Career
Participants will be led through an interactive session that explores each person’s skills, strengths, and career interests, with the goal of developing strategies for managing success. The discussion will include an exercise that is designed to give an individual knowledge and ownership over their career planning and growth. A gap analysis will determine which experiences and skills each participant needs to acquire to achieve their potential and career goals. By the end of this session, participants will be motivated to take control over their own careers and have the encouragement and guidelines to do so. 

Molly D. Shepard MS, MSM

Self-reflection and Concluding Remarks
Judy McHugh, M.B.A., Ed.D., Conference Chair and Program Director

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