Future India Leadership un-Conference

The 2014 Future INDIA Leadership un-Conference is a new type of interactive event, harnessing the value of co-creation and crowd sourcing to create cutting-edge research that will define the skills needed by future leaders: INDIA Leader 2.0.

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Harvard Business Publishing
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JANUARY 22 - 23, 2014
January 22 - 23, 2014

Unique value from a unique event

Following on from the hugely successful ASEAN event, The Conference Board is partnering with Harvard and McKinsey to create The Future India Leadership un-Conference. Turning traditional conference programs on its head, the un-Conference will provide an interactive, engaging and thought-provoking event that will continue to benefit the participants long after the event is finished.

Utilizing the attendees as a Crowd Source, we will undertake quantitative and qualitative research during the event. Post-event case studies will be developed and delivered in tandem with the partners and The Conference Board research team. Content and learning will be delivered across multiple media channels and applications in various formats during and after the event, culminating with a comprehensive research report defining the future Indian Leader 2.0 three months after the event.

This is not a conference! It is a unique opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research that will define the future of India leadership, with each participant able to frame and discuss the issues and question the presenters. This is an occasion to be involved in direct debate, influencing both the direction and thought behind the research.

This event does not begin or end where traditional conferences finish. All participants will be provided with the latest research and thinking relevant to leadership development. After the event participants will be able to monitor the on-going research, participate in webcasts, discussion groups and access the findings over social media networks. In essence, to ensure that the research not only addresses the issues, but defines the answers.

Over two days, the un-Conference will answer four questions:

1. What is the future going to look like?
2. What skills are future leaders going to need?
3. What are the internal strategies for developing future leaders?
4. What are the tools in place to achieve this? 

Three stage knowledge delivery

A unique event creating unique value, the un-Conference knowledge structure consists of three specific stages, each providing learning and value to participants:

Before the un-Conference

Delegates will have access to some of the latest thinking on leadership development, free of charge. Hosted on LinkedIn, this resource – literature reviews, pre-reads and framing questions – will be exclusive to un-Conference delegates. 

During the un-Conference

The program will consist of four distinct sessions, each preceeded by a panel of thought leaders who will frame and identify the key issues to be addressed. Audience-led voting will identify topics to be facilitated, and delegates will then break out into multiple groups, discussing and sharing the latest thinking that will define the development of our future leaders. Practitioners from Harvard Business Press, McKinsey and our sponsor partners will facilitate each group.

After the un-Conference

Post event, all findings will be shared for peer review across multiple media and in multiple formats. Whether delivered online, via podcasts or webcasts, or in-person at briefings, attendees will be able to comment on, discuss and frame the research, culminating in a comprehensive report defining the future of India leadership. Participants will be accredited as research contributors. The final report will be made available free of charge to participants, or at a cost of US$ 395 to non participants.

Key benefits of attending

  • Unique opportunity to participate in real-time to the research that will define the skills needed by future leaders in India
  • A new type of event enabling interaction, collaboration and discovery
  • Content and learning across multiple channels before, during and after the event
  • Social media, state-of-the-art voting systems and multimedia solutions for a fully interactive, thought-provoking experience
  • First-of-its-kind gathering for corporate leaders and human capital professionals in India

Who should attend

  • Human resources, talent management, learning and leadership development professionals
  • Corporate and strategy executives responsible for implementing leadership-related policies and processes
  • Business leaders who require insight into the latest thinking in human capital in India

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