China Center Chart Dive: If China trade sneezes, where are Asian countries vulnerable to catching a cold?

Economic and commercial developments in China, good or bad, clearly have the potential to propagate to nearly every corner of the global economy. Our ongoing China Global Impact Program focuses on helping members understand what “China exposure” means globally, and how prospective upsides can be leveraged and downsides mitigated. “China exposure” is the positive or negative impacts that China-related developments could have on a business, directly or indirectly. 

The nature and degree of China exposure in Australia, Indonesia, and Japan differ from South Korea and Taiwan. In Australia and Indonesia, the manufacturing sectors are less reliant on China, but their mining & quarrying sectors are highly dependent. Japan, which boasts a large and diversified economy, does rely on China in its manufacturing sector, but is less exposed on aggregate than many of its neighbors. 

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