24 May, 2017

Following on a successful two days of the Corporate Communications Conference, we will continue conversations with a post-conference workshop.

Morning Session (9am-12:30pm)

Creating a Compelling Narrative: A “How To” Approach 

Shane Meeker’s storyMYTHOS presentation will cover the foundations and principles of storytelling along with some hands-on story tools and processes to apply to your projects.  Shane has deep experiences in leveraging "Hollywood-esque" tools and approaches to make narratives richer, more focused and emotionally engaging.  He will share:

  • Story Ingredients—The 5 key ingredients of all great stories and how you can leverage them
  • Story Structures—Understanding various narrative structures, their application and development
  • storyMYTHOS Process—A unique 3-stage approach to creating your narrative

Shane Meeker, Corporate Storyteller & Company Historian, The Procter & Gamble Company

Afternoon Session (1:30pm-5pm)

Storytelling – The Key That Unlocks Employee Engagement 

Movies. Books. Podcasts. Fireside chats. What do they all have in common?  Stories. We love them because when done well, they transport us to a different place, time and world of possibilities. Stories both educate and entertain us and most importantly, engage us. They can change our thinking. They can even get us to adopt new actions and behaviors. When was the last time the leaders in your business used stories to captivate your employees’ minds, to drive change, to inspire people to think or act differently?  If storytelling isn’t already a part of your communication strategy and your culture then you’re missing a chance to accelerate engagement, understanding and change in your business.

Learn about strategy execution through the use of storytelling, visualization and metaphors – why they matter. Understand how to leverage these powerful tools at every level of your organization to drive employee engagement and business results. In this interactive session, you’ll take away practical techniques, reveal new opportunities for engagement and learn ways to bridge the communication gaps in your organization, including:

  • Identifying the communication gaps in your organization preventing you from executing your strategy.
  • Discovering best practices for using visualization, storytelling and metaphors to improve engagement and accelerate results
  • Creating a culture of storytelling for sustaining engagement.
  • Knowing what resources to create to enable an organization’s employees to craft and embed story in their communications and presentations -- and how to create those resources.
  • Being able to quality control your organization’s story archive so that they don’t become part of the information glut that overwhelms employees.

Peter Orton, Former Program Director, IBM Center for Advanced Learning; Former Story Editor, Steven Spielberg's NBC-TV series, "Amazing Stories"

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is ideal for executives who specialize in internal communications, HR/talent development, and operations as well corporate communications and marketing executives.