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  1. Running NFL Social Media On Game Day—An Interview With Dave Feldman
    Dave Feldman, Sr Director of Digital at the NFL, is running one of the biggest, most complex, real-time social content teams on the planet. With this level of content creation, distribution and management, it’s all about strategy, scalable process, extreme coordination and everyone and I mean everyone, must be on their A game. So, when I sat down for a full hour long interview with Dave to talk about the social content machine of the NFL, I was hanging on every word.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, February 2018)

  2. Sustainability Reporting: Quality over Quantity
    Corporate sustainability reporting—the disclosure of environmental, Social, and governance (ESG) practices—continues to transition from an exercise in transparency to a more targeted and strategic mechanism for companies to engage with stakeholders. Recent analysis by The Conference Board captures trends in the disclosure of environmental and social practices by large public companies around the world.
    (Sustainability Center Blog, February 2018)

  3. BlackRock Makes an Extraordinary Challenge to Business
    Last month Laurence Fink, CEO of BlackRock, laid down a challenge to the business community. Or, perhaps, it’s more accurate to call it a warning. His message: Make societal progress part of your strategic plan or suffer the consequences.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, February 2018)

  4. C-Suite Challenge™ 2018—Implications for Communicators
    The Conference Board recently released C-Suite Challenge™ 2018: Reinventing the Organization for the Digital Age. The insights for communicators, marketers, and digital media executives are extensive. We’ll explore some of those here.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, February 2018)

  5. Ten Digital Marketing Predictions for 2018
    I’m predicting that 2018 will be the Year of the Responsive Organization. Being responsive has evolved from a nice-to-have to an expectation to a business imperative. In 2018, businesses will finally integrate their channels to gain a holistic view of the customer—and they’ll use this insight to deliver personalized service that exceeds customer expectations.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, January 2018)

  6. Eleven Ingredients for Digital Success in 2018
    The past 6 months have seen tremendous upheaval in digital media. Companies that were once high flyers—Mashable, Rolling Stone, Time—sold for a fraction of their former (perceived) value. Whether you think this is massive disruption or simply inevitable course correction, the ingredients for digital success have evolved.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, January 2018)

  7. 2018 Excellence in New Communications Awards Now Accepting Submissions
    The Society for New Communications Research of The Conference Board (SNCR) today opened its call for entries for the 2018 Excellence in New Communications Awards. Organizations that have made innovative use of digital, social, and mobile technologies can now submit their case studies for consideration at
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, January 2018)

  8. Why the $700 Billion Blockchain-Fueled Cryptocurrency Market Matters to Health
    My first trend update of the year focuses on the fast-growing cryptocurrency market. As of today the market is worth more than $700 billion USD. The most famous cryptocurrency is, of course, Bitcoin, but there have always been others—and they are starting to gain prominence and (slowly) entering the world of health, medicine and wellness.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, January 2018)


  1. Marketers Reluctantly Coming to Terms with their Role in Fake News Crisis
    A new study by the Society for New Communications Research of The Conference Board (SNCR) shows that while marketers are now aware of their inadvertent participation, they are ambivalent about what ought to change—and are reluctant to alter their own business practices.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, December 2017)

  2. Should You Place Your Trust in the Mainstream Media?
    The results of a survey published last month suggest that journalists believe fake news is creating new trust in traditional media around the world. According to the 2017 Ogilvy Media Influence survey, traditional media was found to be the most trusted news source globally by 52 percent of journalists surveyed across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, November 2017)