Leading Through Uncertainty Blogs

Makes decisive decisions and implements business strategies despite uncertainty. Leads through change, acting without perfect information, adjusting as needed to changing conditions.


  1. Emerging Markets In 2018: Six Signs To Watch
    Following a largely successful 2017, emerging markets could very well continue making strong economic progress in 2018. This year, it’s evident the growth of many developing economies will hinge on six main factors.
    (Global Economy Center Blog, January 2018)


  1. CEOs Must Do These 3 Things To Turbocharge Innovation
    Across the globe, one business challenge has the ear of CEOs like few others: innovation. Six in 10 surveyed executives think the chance to avoid falling behind their competitors has passed. Much of the anxiety from today’s business environment ties back to their commitment – or lack thereof – to innovation.
    (Global Economy Center Blog, November 2017)

  2. 10 Takeaways from the 2017 Lisboa Web Summit
    Earlier this month, I had the privilege of attending the renowned Web Summit in Lisboa. While this four-day festival of ideas produced an endless stream of takeaways, here are my top ten...
    (Global Economy Center Blog, November 2017)

  3. What’s in Store for Emerging Markets?
    Looking ahead, the outlook for emerging markets during the second half remains solid. However, whether growth can accelerate much beyond the first half is probably a long shot.
    (Global Economy Center Blog, August 2017)

  4. We can turbocharge our technology industry with immigration reform
    Today, “tech week” begins at the White House. The five-day confab will reportedly see the likes of technology experts and big-name CEOs like Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Oracle’s Safra Catz, and Apple’s Tim Cook. They plan on covering a host of topics, including the elephant in the room: our fundamentally flawed immigration system. Left unaddressed, the issue poses a growing threat to several sectors including tech. For a course correction, it would behoove summit participants to consider a policy
    (Global Economy Center Blog, June 2017)

  5. Why Mexico’s Economy Is Putting On The Breaks

    (Global Economy Center Blog, June 2017)

  6. Growth in American manufacturing jobs? It's happening in Michigan

    (Global Economy Center Blog, May 2017)

  7. Our unemployment rate is great, so why aren't wages rising faster?

    (Global Economy Center Blog, May 2017)

  8. America's Foodies are Powering the Economy with Manufacturing Jobs

    (Global Economy Center Blog, May 2017)

  9. Emerging Markets in 2017: Trends to Watch

    (Global Economy Center Blog, March 2017)