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Business Savvy Blogs

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  1. Global Corporate Volunteer Leaders Meet in Germany
    Data privacy regulations challenge the growth of virtual volunteer technologies, but companies that can navigate these challenges stand to improve employee engagement opportunities. At the World Volunteer Conference and Global Corporate Volunteer Council in Germany, companies discovered how technology can help them respond to the demands of their employees for meaningful volunteer engagements.
    (Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy Blog, November 2018)

  2. Podcast: Corporate Philanthropy Futures with Jason Saul (Mission Measurement) & Arlene Isaacs-Lowe (Moody's)
    In Part 3 of a special podcast series, Jason Saul, Founder and CEO of Mission Measurement, and Arlene Isaacs-Lowe, President of the Moody's Foundation, explore where new technologies, priorities, and thinking are likely to take corporate citizenship in the years and decades ahead.
    (Podcasts from The Conference Board, November 2018)

  3. Podcast: Corporate Philanthropy Priorities with Tim McClimon (American Express) & Dan Cardinali (Independent Sector)
    In Part 2 of a special podcast series, Tim McClimon, President of the American Express Foundation, and Dan Cardinali, President and CEO of Independent Sector, survey the current corporate citizenship landscape—and the growing need for partnership across the corporate and non-profit sectors.
    (Podcasts from The Conference Board, November 2018)

  4. Podcast: Corporate Philanthropy Evolution with Martha Herrera (CEMEX) & Jenny Lawson (Points of Lights)
    In Part 1 of a special podcast series, Martha Herrera, Global Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at CEMEX, and Jenny Lawson, President of Points of Light, reflect on the rapid evolution of corporate philanthropy in recent decades—and what these past transformations portend for the future.
    (Podcasts from The Conference Board, November 2018)

  5. It’s Time for the Arts to Rally Around Standardized Outcomes
    The majority of companies do not measure standardized outcomes related to arts, despite the fact that doing so would help them show the effect of arts support on company objectives. The Impact Genome Project®, an initiative of Mission Measurement, provides a framework for standardized outcomes in the arts sector that companies should be utilizing to understand their contributions’ effectiveness.
    (Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy Blog, November 2018)

  6. Conference Board: Insights from 75 Years of Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy Leadership
    In the depths of World War II, The Conference Board began keeping track of corporate contributions activity, generating a record that became a bi-annual, and later, an annual report on corporate contributions. Seventy-five years later, business continues to be at the forefront of corporate philanthropy and corporate citizenship. The Conference Board remains at the center of this activity, while striving to foster collaborations that measure the outputs of corporate giving.
    (Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy Blog, November 2018)

  7. Q&A with Rhoden Monrose: Engaging Young Professionals on Associate Boards of Nonprofit Organizations
    Companies promoting associate board experience for their young workers can cultivate leadership skills and loyalty among early and mid-career employees. Young employees want a level of social impact engagement that they find meaningful and accessible in the workplace. Providing that opportunity helps companies solve one of their biggest challenges: attracting and retaining the workforce of the future.
    (Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy Blog, October 2018)

  8. Nonprofit Board Experience Develops Employees for Leadership
    Eighty percent of people who serve on nonprofit boards describe themselves as better leaders, the result of developing skills like board governance, networking, strategic planning, and communication. By supporting meaningful leadership and community engagement, companies that promote nonprofit board service help to grow employees’ value to the company.
    (Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy Blog, October 2018)

  9. eBay Revitalizing Main Street by Helping Small Businesses Thrive Locally and Sell Globally
    Retail is increasingly online, but nearly 75 percent of small businesses don’t have any e-commerce presence and less than 2 percent export, making it difficult for them to thrive in local—sometimes depressed—markets. Retail Revival, a new initiative from eBay, helps small businesses in Akron, OH, Lansing, MI, and Wolverhampton, UK, take their products to the global market. Retail Revival is a community program that draws on the strengths of the company—an example other companies could follow.
    (Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy Blog, October 2018)

  10. Arts & Business Partnerships Continue to Strengthen Both Sectors, Research Finds
    Nearly a quarter of companies expect to increase their funding for the arts in the next 12 months, and only seven percent expect to decrease arts funding. Companies can use the arts to improve the economy and quality of life in communities and to foster creativity in their workforce. Partnerships with arts organizations provide interesting opportunities for companies to engage employees, promote diversity, and drive innovation.
    (Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy Blog, October 2018)