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  1. Participate in the 2018 Business Contributions to the Arts Survey
    The 2018 Business Contributions to the Arts survey, conducted by The Conference Board and Americans for the Arts, is open until Friday, June 8. Please share your data regarding your organization's support for the arts to help us provide important benchmarking information to the corporate philanthropy and arts communities. The survey should take no more than 15-20 minutes to complete.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, May 2018)

  2. A Fireside Chat on Impact and Mission Measurement
    As part of staying up to date on corporate social responsibility and nonprofit program management best practices, we sat down for a chat with Jason Saul, Founder and CEO of Mission Measurement, and Alex Parkinson, Senior Researcher and Director of the Society for New Communications Research of The Conference Board (SNCR). Here’s what we learned about why it’s important to measure impact, what donors expect, current trends—and common mistakes.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, May 2018)

  3. Op-Ed: We May be Missing the Productivity Revival in the Global Economy
    Policymakers returned home from last month’s spring meetings of the World Bank and IMF with a clear message. The current short-term outlook provides no guarantee for sustained economic growth in the medium-term. Not surprisingly the word “productivity” therefore appears many times in this edition of the IMF’s World Economic Outlook. Productivity growth will be one of the most effective ways to prevent the recent upswing in global growth from slowing down prematurely.
    (Global Economy Center Blog, May 2018)

  4. Better Businesses Mean a Better World: An Approach through the SDG Framework
    At the spring meeting of The Conference Board’s Global CSR & Philanthropy Council, the group closely considered their next steps with regard to the SDGs. Members had provocative discussions stimulated by various guest speakers from organizations such as the United Nations Foundation, US-ASEAN Business Council, The Conference Board, and Palladium.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, May 2018)

  5. Will China out-innovate its global competitors?
    While China is poised to become an innovation challenger, will it out-innovate its global competitors? Our research finds that compared to the U.S., twice as many CEOs in China say they have an actual process in place for measuring innovation.
    (China Center Blog, May 2018)

  6. IMPACT2030 Partners with Better World Leadership to Advance the Global Goals
    Employees who serve on nonprofit boards play a vital role in helping to achieve the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet, many companies do not include nonprofit board service in reports of volunteering for the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Companies need to recognize the valuable participation by their employees in advancing nonprofits and the SDGs through board service.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, May 2018)

  7. Will China Out-Innovate the World
    China has recognized the need to put its giant economy on a path toward developing an innovation culture, an initiative that could position it to challenge the U.S. as a global leader of innovation. But despite a massive investment in research and development, the nation faces some significant barriers to reaching its goal.
    (Global Economy Center Blog, April 2018)

  8. Atlanta-Based Companies Support Local Initiative to Welcome Immigrants
    Immigration has long been a political battleground, but in recent years it has taken on even more significance. Stronger rhetoric from the White House and leanings in favor of a stricter immigration policy have caused concern among immigrant populations around the country. In opposition to the federal stance, many cities have sought out programs to protect immigrants from deportation and to support their transition into American society. And companies have lent their support to these efforts.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, April 2018)

  9. Comcast NBCUniversal and Cities of Service Join Forces to Help Revitalize Detroit
    This year, more than 100,000 volunteers will celebrate service during Comcast Cares Day by participating in volunteer projects all over the world. Making a positive impact in the communities where Comcast NBCUniversal employees live and work is a value the company embraces all year long. Businesses can ensure that the impact of service days like these lasts well beyond one day by linking their service projects to city priorities and ongoing initiatives.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, April 2018)

  10. Confessions of a Teenage Nonprofit
    Nonprofits are like teenagers—they have difficult years, but with the right support, they can thrive and achieve great things in “adulthood.” The international nonprofit I co-founded, mothers2mothers (m2m), is now 16 years old, an awkward age for nonprofits, at least in the eyes of many donors. m2m employs HIV-positive women as community health workers.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, April 2018)