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Cohort A, 2017
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Once you have your dream team of high performers in place, your work is only beginning. Your organisation’s continued success depends not only on finding the right people for today, but on training and positioning tomorrow’s leaders. Ever-increasing global competition means coaching and mentoring aren’t just nice ideas—they’re critical to your success.

The Conference Board Coaching & Mentoring Academy offers the tools you need to create and implement a strategy for developing your team members’ potential, thereby keeping your employees engaged, retaining key staff, managing performance, supporting change initiatives, and defining your organisational culture.

Small classes, personal mentors, and face-to-face and virtual meetings over several months will help current and future leaders set up a robust coaching and mentoring strategy aligned to their organisation’s strategy, to learn from organisations that have led the way in this field, and to be guided by an experienced faculty.

Benefits of attending

As a participant, you will create models and a personal action plan to implement on completion of the programme. You will also work with other participants to:

  • Deepen your knowledge of coaching and mentoring and the skills involved to support business objectives
  • Formulate a strategy and implementation plan for coaching and mentoring that supports your organisation’s mission
  • Improve your effectiveness in the organisation
  • Establish a supporting network of peers from the program and learn best practices from the faculty members
  • Support the development of a motivated workforce and create a positive working environment

Who should attend?

  • New and senior managers with responsibility for developing or implementing a coaching strategy
  • Managers who need to develop management coaching and mentoring skills to achieve business goals
  • Directors and senior managers with responsibility for translating strategy into business performance
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