Business Scenario Program: Customized One-on-One Project


Choice of scenarios that can be customized to meet your business requirements, including:

  • Macro scenarios
  • Starter scenarios
  • Business-level scenarios
  • Continued monitoring of scenarios

Topics covered

Macro scenarios

  • Identify the effects of potentially disruptive forces in the short- and medium-term macro environment

Starter scenarios

  • Identify crucial economic trends and assess their potential impact on the business environment

Business-level scenarios

  • Full-fledged business scenarios and their implications and impact on the business environment in collaboration with senior leaders in your company

Time commitment

Can range from a short engagement (anywhere from two hours to two days) to longer projects that include the development of scenarios, discussions about these scenarios with management teams, and follow-up meetings that monitor existing and emerging trends.


For more informatioin, e-mail or contact Desirée van Welsum
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For more information, e-mail or contact Desirée van Welsum +1 212 339 0308 or desiree.vanwelsum