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A new study reveals that over half of surveyed companies think the arts promote creative thinking and problem-solving. Moreover, any human resources professional worth their salt knows that a successful workplace stems in part from a thriving culture — something the arts epitomize like nothing else.

But the arts might soon receive a serious funding blow. In his upcoming 2018 budget, President Donald Trump calls for the elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts.

This proposed defunding heightens the importance of corporate support for the arts. More than ever, companies that want to stimulate creative thinking and innovation and develop and engage employees need to demonstrate the business case. As such, here are three ways companies can bring the arts to employees and reap the benefits.

  • Use local arts partnerships to offer meaningful volunteer opportunities. Arts organizations typically work on a local rather than national level. It’s thus no surprise that nearly nine in 10 surveyed companies report that their arts contributions go mainly to local organizations.

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  • About the Author: Alexander Parkinson

    Alexander Parkinson

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