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09 Jan. 2012 | Comments (0)

Prediction 1: When the game is on the line, winners want the ball.

Whether you are playing “football” in the World Cup or the Super Bowl, the basic rule is the same. Leaders have to demonstrate courage and conviction to play the game where the game is being played. True leaders will let go of that which has made them successful in the past in order to define that which is required in the future. In high performing organizations, there is no room for legacy standards of performance!

Prediction 2: Connect and Collaborate for mass personalization.

Success as a leader will depend less on scaled efficiencies and more on the quality of ideas and interactions. Competitive advantage will come, more than ever, from connecting and collaborating with employees and partners. Not only will customization of employees’ experience of the workplace and their leadership become more important, employees will demand it.

Predication 3: “Colonial” style wealth extraction is history.

No longer can multi-national corporations create technology in India, manufacture it in China and sell it in Europe for shareholder wealth in North America. “Inclusive” growth is the order of the day. This shift requires leaders to more closely connect to the community in which they are operating and view corporate social responsibility as necessary, but not sufficient for success. The business models must be scalable back to the local communities while fully appreciating location constraints. The mindset of the leader has to change from “multinational” to “super-global.” It is not about the number of stamps collected in ones passport but one’s ability to think and act within multiple cultures simultaneously.

Prediction 4: Multiple business models simultaneously.

In the developed world, business productivity is measured in terms of scale-efficiencies. You can measure your target market and develop a linear, continuous plan to address it. In the emerging world, business productivity is measured in terms of creative innovation. You need to figure out how much revenue you want to make and then work backwards toward that number. This shift requires leaders to conceptualize, strategize, operationalize and organize in non-linear, discontinuous ways. The recent rise in prominence of the emerging markets on the global economy necessitates leaders to fluidly do both.

Prediction 5: Character really does matter.

With social networking, our work and personal lives are more intertwined and in the public domain. It is no longer possible to hide. Therefore, character matters. In decades past, an executive could more easily move between companies and hide the sins of their past. Today, your brand and reputation for achieving impact is much more important than the polish on the resume.

  • About the Author:Annmarie Neal, Psy.D.

    Annmarie Neal, Psy.D.

    Annmarie Neal is a Senior Fellow, Human Capital at The Conference Board. In this role, Neal supports the Human Capital Practice which includes The Conference Board Human Capital Exchange™, resea…

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  • About the Author:Robert Kovach, Ph.D.

    Robert Kovach, Ph.D.

    Robert Kovach is Cisco’s practice leader for Executive Assessment and Development and director of the Cisco Center for Collaborative Leadership. Previously, Kovach was managing director of the L…

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