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    Joel M. Koblentz is the founder of The Koblentz Group, a “Sensitive Matters Firm,” that advises corporate boards on governance matters and recruits corporate directors. His organization ha…

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11 Oct. 2017 | Comments (0)
Advice to chairs: Create boardroom agility
Chairs and their fellow directors today are in the crosshairs of activists, proxy advisory firms and major investors. The implications are clear. Board chairs must lead differently.

09 Mar. 2017 | Comments (0)
Does your Board Lead or Spectate When it Comes to Strategic Transformation?
Transformation is one of the most challenging competencies a board must master. McKinsey & Co. estimates that 70 percent of transformations fail to achieve their objectives. Yet board and management teams instinctively know, change is unavoidable and transformation is compulsory.