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25 Mar. 2014 | Comments (0)
Business Has Changed, and Even Washington Has Noticed
In the week’s worth of punditry following this year’s State of the Union address, one fact seems to have eluded most commentators: the number of times that President Obama recognized businesses as essential partners in national problem-solving.

28 Aug. 2017 | Comments (0)
When Companies Understand that Hate is Bad for Businesses and Communities
In recent weeks, a number of corporate leaders have announced significant contributions to nonprofits like the SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center that battles racial and social injustice, and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that combats hate and protects communities. JPMorgan Chase is donating $1 million to both of these nonprofits that fight hate groups. Apple will also contribute $1 million to the two nonprofits, according to Tim Cook, and the company will match “two-for-one” employee donations

22 Aug. 2017 | Comments (0)
Q&A with Sue Stephenson: Engaging Employees Worldwide in Advancing the SDGs
In this Q&A, Sue Stephenson, vice chair of the board and interim CEO of IMPACT 2030, describes the role of IMPACT 2030 in convening leaders from corporations, the UN, civil society, academia, and philanthropic organizations, to organize and mobilize millions of corporate employees.

15 Aug. 2017 | Comments (0)
Q&A with Gabi Zedlmayer: Educating the World, Tuition Free
University of the People (UoPeople) bills itself as “the world’s first nonprofit, tuition-free, accredited, online, American university.” It was founded by entrepreneur Shai Reshef in 2009. Reshef told a TED conference in Vancouver in March, 2014, that he founded UoPeople “to create an alternative to those who have no other, an alternative that will be affordable and scalable, an alternative that will disrupt the current education system."

08 Aug. 2017 | Comments (0)
Q&A with Grady Crosby and Annemarie Scobey: Johnson Controls in the Neighborhood—A Place-Based Approach to Philanthropy
In June 2016, Johnson Controls launched its Milwaukee Neighborhood Initiative, a place-based approach to philanthropy and engagement. Its goal is to transform three challenged Milwaukee neighborhoods. The company is dedicating resources to support program

25 Jul. 2017 | Comments (0)
The SDGs: A Framework for Business and Nonprofit Collaboration
Companies and nonprofits are beginning to line up along the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs, established by the United Nations in the fall of 2015, build on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

11 Jul. 2017 | Comments (0)
Q&A with Richard Buery: Why Pre-K Education Matters to Children, Communities, and Businesses
As New York City’s Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives, Richard Buery is the architect of Pre-K for All, which for the first time provides free, full-day Pre-K for every four-year old in NYC.

27 Jun. 2017 | Comments (0)
Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement: Can Business Volunteering and Nonprofit Partnerships Make a Difference?
US companies decry the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. They recognize that climate change is destructive for humanity and detrimental to peace and prosperity. There is positive action from hundreds of companies, along with governors and ma

30 May. 2017 | Comments (0)
Engaging America’s Citizenry through Service
False and deliberately misleading stories in the media threaten freedom and democracy by distorting our understanding of vital issues. Our institutions can help combat false information by encouraging and supporting volunteer service. Volunteers see first-hand the true challenges facing society and engage in seeking solutions that work. Volunteers who bear witness can tell the story and take action.

24 May. 2017 | Comments (0)
Q&A with Tara Abrahams: Glamour Magazine Engages Companies in The Girl Project to Advance Girls’ Education Worldwide
Tara Abrahams leads The Girl Project at Glamour Magazine to help companies connect with their customers and create a philanthropic legacy by investing in girls’ education. In this Q&A, Abrahams describes how The Girl Project transforms the lives of girls

25 Apr. 2017 | Comments (0)
Q&A with Lisa Green Hall: Expanding Economic Prosperity by Leveraging the Influence of Women and People of Color in Impact Investing
Lisa Green Hall co-manages and led the launch of a global initiative known as Skopos Impact Fund, focused on delivering social, environmental and financial returns.

18 Apr. 2017 | Comments (0)
Q&A with Sarina Prabasi: Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals through Partnerships
Businesses have a vested interest in breaking the barriers that prevent millions of women and girls from achieving their full potential. One of the greatest challenges facing girls is basic access to clean water and toilets. WaterAid’s powerful new campaign, Girl Strong, provides a way for businesses and foundations to join in driving real, transformative change.

11 Apr. 2017 | Comments (0)
Q&A with Gabriela Burian: Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals through Partnerships
Gabriela Burian recently joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), while continuing in her executive position at Monsanto. WBCSD works with leading companies to create a set of business solutions that are good for business and will deliver the organization’s vision when set at scale. WBCSD focuses its work across four economic systems: energy, food and land-use, cities and mobility, and redefining value.

23 Mar. 2017 | Comments (0)
Q&A with Abby Falik: How Global Citizen Year Prepares the Next Generation of Employees and Leaders
Classroom experience alone is not sufficient to prepare new employees for today’s workforce. Companies seek job candidates who have had international experiences to develop self-awareness, grit, empathy, curiosity, resourcefulness, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Global Citizen Year provides unique opportunities for students to travel, work, and study in new and challenging environments between high school and college.

08 Mar. 2017 | Comments (0)
Putting Girls in Ethiopia on a Path to Better Futures
Girls in Ethiopia face child marriage, trafficking, child labor, and the lack of access to education. Studio Samuel Foundation (SSF), a nonprofit that has received funding from Google, the GO Campaign, and The White Feather Foundation (Julian Lennon), creates pathways and empowers at-risk girls to become self-reliant. SSF’s two-year program, Training for Tomorrow, provides healthcare, life skills training, and computer programming training to prepare girls for gainful employment and careers.

10 Feb. 2017 | Comments (0)
Surges in Volunteering in Times of Distress: How Companies Can Address the Interests of Employees
Volunteer matching organizations and nonprofits report a surge in volunteering since the November election. New York Cares indicates that they haven’t seen the level of interest since 9/11 and Super Storm Sandy. Nonprofit donations are also at peak levels.

17 Jan. 2017 | Comments (0)
Joining a Nonprofit Board: Finding the Right Fit
In a recent post, I addressed the issue of how nonprofit boards can become more effective. This post focuses on the board candidate’s journey to find the right fit. Best practices suggest that you choose a nonprofit board based on the mission and your passion. Yet, most people have a variety of interests for which they can develop a passion.

27 Dec. 2016 | Comments (0)
Strengthening Nonprofit Boards by Engaging All Members
“I want to serve on a board where I can add value.” That is the foremost aspiration of the hundreds of business people that I’ve trained and placed on nonprofit boards. Board candidates seek a mission that is personally compelling. Yet most people have numerous interests and are open to a journey to explore a variety of organizations.

07 Dec. 2016 | Comments (0)
How Business People Can Help Nonprofit Boards Meet Pressing Challenges
Our families and communities, in the U.S. and worldwide, depend on vital services provided by nonprofit institutions: education, healthcare, youth development, affordable housing, employment, environmental protection, and human rights, just to name a few. Yet these very organizations face increasingly challenging financial threats. Fortunately, companies are recognizing the value of supporting their employees who seek to serve on nonprofit boards of directors.

11 Oct. 2016 | Comments (0)
A Call to Companies to Give Millennials What They Want
Millennial turnover costs the U.S. economy $30.5 billion annually, according to a recent report from Gallup. The research also found: “Only 29 percent of millennials are… emotionally and behaviorally connected to their job and company.” Furthermore, Deloitte reports that two out of three millennials expect to leave their current jobs by 2020, feeling little loyalty to their employers.

27 Sep. 2016 | Comments (0)
How the Clinton Global Initiative Changed the World
Prior to the Clinton Global Initiative’s (CGI) first Annual Meeting in 2005, many of us had spent a couple of decades helping to build problem-solving partnerships between businesses and nonprofits. From its first meeting to its last in 2016, CGI elevated this practice by stimulating collaboration among multinational corporations, NGOs and nonprofits, and governments on a grand scale. CGI’s members improved the lives of over 435 million people around the globe.

21 Sep. 2016 | Comments (0)
Q&A with Jean Case: How Inclusive Entrepreneurship Is Good for Business and Good for the World
Created in 1997 by digital pioneers Jean and Steve Case, the Case Foundation invests in people and ideas that can change the world. The Foundation is particularly focused on promoting entrepreneurship as a means to tackle global challenges, transform communities, create jobs, spur economic growth and close the opportunity gap.

09 Sep. 2016 | Comments (0)
Choosing Your Nonprofit Partner: Mitigating Risk, Leveraging the Opportunity
Company executives who are responsible for CSR, foundations, and branding, must often choose among various nonprofits to serve as partners. In some cases, they will even be recommending a role for the company CEO to play in the corporate-nonprofit relationship, potentially as an honoree or board member.

25 Aug. 2016 | Comments (0)
Facing Race in America: The Role of Corporate Philanthropy
Given the extreme distress facing our communities due to racial injustice, and calls for “truth and reconciliation” to address our nation’s history of slavery and its legacy, companies and their foundations face this question: Are these matters for corporate philanthropy?

16 Aug. 2016 | Comments (0)
Q&A with Bob Jones: Old National Bank Foundation Strengthens Board with Nonprofit Representation
Old National Bank launched its foundation a decade ago with the goal of strengthening communities and positively impacting lives throughout its footprint. Ten years, $10 million and more than 1,500 partnerships later, the Old National Bank Foundation continues to help nonprofits improve communities where its associates and customers live and work: in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan.

02 Aug. 2016 | Comments (0)
Inspiring the Electorate Through Volunteer and Board Service
Building successful communities with high employment, quality education and healthcare for all, and vibrant social services and cultural offerings are in the best interest of society and business. This coming November, we have an opportunity and obligation to choose our leaders through the electoral process.

29 Jun. 2016 | Comments (0)
Brexit: A Cautionary Tale for Nonprofit Boards
Three-quarters of the UK’s FTSE 250 companies had not discussed contingency planning for a possible Brexit with the chairman of the board or the chairman of the audit committee. The failure of corporate boards and management to engage on a matter of such significance presents a cautionary tale for nonprofit boards on at least three levels: risk management; board process and agendas; and board composition.

23 Jun. 2016 | Comments (0)
The Board’s Responsibility to Determine its Role
It is essential that each nonprofit board clearly determines what it seeks to achieve in advancing the organization and its role as a board in maximizing the organization’s success. Nonprofit board members want to be useful in helping the organizations they serve. Often, however, it’s unclear precisely what role they should perform in order to add value.

02 Jun. 2016 | Comments (0)
“Big Issues, Many Questions” by CEP: A Response Focusing on Corporate Foundations
In his essay on pressing issues facing U.S. foundation leaders and boards, Phil Buchanan, president of the Center for Effective Philanthropy, recommends that foundations become more relevant in serving society. Corporate foundations are in a strong position to meet this demand, since they are influenced by market forces.

02 May. 2016 | Comments (0)
Gender-Inclusive Boards: Better for Business and Better for the World
By Alice Korngold, Co-Editor, Giving Thoughts Blog, and Author, A Better World, Inc.: How Companies Profit By Solving Global Problems… Where Governmen…

07 Apr. 2016 | Comments (0)
Philanthropy Can Be Instrumental in Growing Your Company’s Value
By Alice Korngold, Co-Editor, Giving Thoughts Blog, and Author, A Better World, Inc.: How Companies Profit By Solving Global Problems… Where Governmen…

29 Sep. 2015 | Comments (0)
Nonprofit Board Service Should Be Accompanied By Donations
by Alice Korngold, Author, A Better World, Inc.: How Companies Profit By Solving Global Problems… Where Governments Cannot Service on nonprofit boa…

06 Aug. 2014 | Comments (0)
Nonprofit Boards: Boot Camp for Corporate Executives
By Alice Korngold, Author, A Better World, Inc.: How Companies Profit by Solving Global Problems…Where Governments Cannot With global corporations …

03 Jun. 2014 | Comments (0)
Q&A with Alice Korngold: Corporate-Nonprofit Partnerships Will Help Solve World's Toughest Problems
By Alex Parkinson, Research Associate, The Conference Board, and Alice Korngold, Author, A Better World, Inc.: How Companies Profit by Solving Global …