Lorna Borenstein

Lorna Borenstein

CEO & Founder

Lorna has been leading Grokker since 2012 and is driving our mission to make holistic health and wellbeing equitable, easy, and engaging for every member of the global workforce.

She is an expert on wellbeing and organizational culture deeply passionate about helping organizations create a culture of “purpose, belonging and balance”. She partners with C-suite leaders giving them strategic and tactical guidance on creating transformational change, improving employee engagement and drive business results.

Lorna’s expertise has been featured in several top tier outlets including Bloomberg, Today.com, Entrepreneur.com, Forbes, and many more.

Previously, Lorna was president of publicly traded Move Inc. and held a number of executive positions at Yahoo!, including chief of its global personals online dating service and head of marketing for its multibillion-dollar worldwide Search & Marketplace businesses (Shopping, Travel, Autos, etc.).

In 2000, Lorna launched eBay Canada out of her guest room in Toronto (with a newborn in tow) and went on to serve as eBay Inc.’s vice president and general manager.