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Ettie McCormack

Director, STEP Forward Solution, former Director, Learning & Development
Unisys Corporation

Ettie McCormack

Ettie McCormack is Managing Director of STEP Forward Solutions, an independent consulting and implementation specialist in talent management strategies.

With over 25 years experience in a wide variety of operational and staff management positions, Ettie joined Unisys in 1996 and tackled major global aspects of talent management and learning and development at all levels for employees across Europe, Africa and India. This included working with country executive boards and stakeholder groups. As director of Learning & Development for the Unisys University, she was a key player in establishing an award winning Corporate University during 1998 and is known as a champion for delivering learning solutions quickly that meet the needs of business targets, critically being able to evaluate the impact on human and business growth.

Ettie was recognized in the UK publication ‘IT Training’ Hall of Fame as one of the Top 10 ‘Movers and Shakers’ for having a major impact on business performance with the e-Learning strategy she championed and implemented at Unisys. She has significant experience in the development of exceptional leadership and the impact of change management and culture in a rapidly evolving workforce where adaptability and creativity are critical to survival and success.

Ettie has maintained her connections with The Conference Board of Europe where she was co-chair of the European Council on Learning Leadership and Organisational Development until leaving Unisys in 2009 and facilitates webcasts in areas such as Succession Planning and Competency Management. She presents at conferences key to the areas of talent management and the enabling technologies where her speaking engagements include audiences that range from senior decision makers investing in e-learning strategies to services benchmarking groups. In the past this has included international conferences such as the NASSCOM HR Summit in Chennai, India in July 2005.