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Dinah A. Koehler, Sc.D.


Dinah A. Koehler, Sc.D.

Dinah Koehler, Sc.D. is research leader for sustainability and climate change at Deloitte Research – the research division of the Deloitte US firm. She earned her Doctor of Science degree in Environmental Science and Risk Management from Harvard's School of Public Health, did coursework at MIT Sloan and Harvard Business School, received an M.A., Law & Diplomacy from The Fletcher School at Tufts University, and a BA from Wellesley College. Her research, writing, environmental management, and public policy experience and practice span 20 years in the public and private sectors and academia, including the Conference Board and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Research and Development, National Center for Environmental Research. She has expertise and hands-on experience in quantitative sustainability frameworks, life cycle assessment, risk communication & management and has served as advisor on sustainability performance metrics, ESG valuation and rankings, environmental program evaluation and benchmarking.

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