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Tinna C. Nielsen

Move The Elephant for Inclusiveness

Tinna C. Nielsen

Tinna is an anthropologist and a behavioural economist by heart (and profession).  She previously served as the Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Collaboration in Arla Foods. For the past 15 years, her passion has been to make differences in as many domains as possible.

For this purpose, she founded MOVE THE ELEPHANT FOR INCLUSIVENESS in 2013  a non-profit organization founded on a gift-economy that is about sharing what works. She has extensive experience with  leadership development, team development, and cultural and systemic changes.

In every aspect of organisational and people development, Tinna focuses on mitigating unconscious bias  and designing nudges for more inclusive behavioural changes. She is continuously searching for innovative solutions and new learning opportunities and is happily sharing her knowledge and approach with others. 

Tinna serves as a member in the Executive Committee of The Conference Board, Diversity in Business Council. She is a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator in many different domains such as academic institutions, UN, public schools, Oxfam, ICRC, private organisations, etc.

Tinna lives in Denmark with her family of five and has lived in various countries.