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Ravi Chaudhry

CeNext Consulting & Investment Pvt Ltd

Ravi Chaudhry

Ravi Chaudhry is a business strategy consultant, mentor to CEOs and corporate Boards, a Leadership Guru and a Fellow of World Business Academy, a network of global thought leaders and public intellectuals that represent some of the best and brightest men and women shaping today's global landscape.

Ravi is the founder Chairman of CeNext Consulting and Investment Pvt Ltd, New Delhi (, a firm that advises corporations, governments and non-profits on Re-inventing Strategy to cope with Emerging Complexities. His clients include Fortune 1000 corporations, UN Organizations and Governments of Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil, Norway, Uganda, Austria and Canada. Earlier, he was CEO/Chairman of four companies in Tata Group, India. He is a mechanical engineer with specialization in business strategy and has worked with clients in over twenty five countries on Strategy Audit & Re-alignment to bridge the gap between performance and potential.

His book, Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality (SAGE), outlines the emergence of a new fifth phase of human enterprise, redefining the criteria of success as well as re-configuring the routes to success. It has been widely acclaimed as "the best book for corporate executives in years, brilliant and thought provoking, a masterpiece worth reading, a rare combination of sound business thinking and accessible philosophy, and an essential read for both business leaders and business schools." CEOs have ordered special editions of the book to distribute among clients and employees and business schools are using it as an essential text.

In recent past, Ravi has delivered key note addresses at IMD Switzerland, Club of Rome Annual Meeting, Institute of Directors World Congress, CII Partnership Summit in Hyderabad, Asian Strategy and Leadership Forum Summit in Kuala Lumpur, National Conference on Governance in New Delhi, India-Pakistan Management Summit in Lahore and Ethical Leadership Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He makes a compelling case that business and community leaders need to re-align their objectives with societal expectations, now. They do not have the option to wait. He has analyzed the base camp traits of today’s leaders and vividly portrayed the journey to the summit of leadership by introducing the “Tripod of Exceptional Leadership.”

He is currently engaged in collaborative dialogue with leading global institutions, including: The Conference Board(TM), The Capital Institute, Harvard Business School, Global Compact, Brookings, & Asia Society in USA and Mckinsey Group in U.K. He was also invited by Dr Adams Posen, the President of the Peterson Institute, Washington D.C. to join them to discuss Inclusive Capitalism: What Business and Labour can do for Quality Employment. This was a unique group of leaders to offer lessons from their own experience, including: Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director of McKinsey and Company; Robert Buffenbarger, International President of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers; Former House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt; and Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, CEO of E.L. Rothschild. Ratan Tata was conferred Exceptional Leadership Award, based on his book. Earlier this year, the transcript of his Public Lecture at India International Centre, New Delhi on: Re-inventing Leadership to Transform India, was circulated to over 30,000 readers.

He is a much sought-after strategy consultant and speaker at business forums and investment seminars. Over the years, he has addressed numerous conferences and interactive CEO Dialogues on "What Global CEOs need to know about Business in India" and "Investment and Growth Strategies for Emerging Markets". An astute observer of global economic, technological and societal trends, he has delivered several theme lectures on Innovation and Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Green Growth, & Trade and FDI Promotion.

His new programme, customized for each Organization: Re-inventing Leadership to Cope with Future: Aligning Personal Goals and Collective Agenda, is immensely popular. He has served on the boards of several companies and organizations. He continues to be: International Board Director, Future 500 USA; Member, Club Of Rome Initiative to foster Values and Ethics in 21st century; Member, EVIAN Brains Trust on Fair Global Trade at IMD Switzerland; Member, EthicMark® Judges Panel, USA & New Civilization Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative, Japan. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), the leading apex chamber of India.

He lives in New Delhi and devotes most of his time to foster the process of responsible leadership, in alignment with new expectations from society and other stakeholders. For him, good governance is a passion. He is now in the midst of writing a book that deals with issues on "How to Govern a Nation?" and the role of business leaders in fast-tracking responsible leadership.