Gregory R. Guy

Gregory R. Guy is a professor of linguistics at New York University. He is an expert on empirical research methodology and quantitative analysis and developed one of the first personal computer applications for the statistical analysis of linguistic data. He has past experience as a journal editor and currently serves on the editorial boards of three journals.

Dr. Guy has published research on international business models, global mindsets, and international work experiences. Notable publications include Towards a Social Science of Language (ed.), Language Variation and Linguistic Theory, and Análise Quantitativa em Sociolingüística (Brazil).

Dr. Guy holds a doctoral and master’s degrees in linguistics from University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. from Boston University. He has been a lifelong activist for social diversity and human rights, having served on institutional, municipal, provincial, and national panels addressing issues of disability, accessibility, and diversity in higher education and in the workplace.

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