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Mary Poul

Program Director
The Conference Board

Mary Poul

Mary Poul is a top performance accelerator at Level 5 Performer.  She specializes in how to execute great strategies in a way that leaves a lifetime legacy in an organization, rather than just achieving quarterly goals. Since 2003, when she led the high potential leadership development program at 3M, she has been coaching high achievers to accelerate their success and contribution.

Mary has been called on to roll out the global execution of high profile initiatives such as customer value creation for faster sales growth, pricing strategy to achieve $400 MM in profit growth, new product development processes to accelerate launch and improve forecast attainment, and marketing excellence programs to bring technology-based marketers to world class skill levels.  In addition she managed business units in a variety of industries, including electronics cooling, light management, and food safety.

In her community work, Mary has been a long time mentor, instructor, and passionate cheerleader for small business owners through WomenVenture and the Twin Cities Metropolitan Economic Development program. Combining what she learned while working at GE, McDonnell Douglas, American Express, and 3M with the small business wisdom she has gained has made her a highly pragmatic and mission-oriented coach and leader.