Peter Skjoedt

Program Director
The Conference Board

Peter Skjødt holds a masters degree in macroeconomics from the university of Copenhagen. Worked for 3 years as a macro economist at the Danish Manufacturer's Association after graduation and then joined Carlsberg International for a couple of years. Came to the Danish Insurance Association (DIA) in 1993 and has been there since. Current position is as executive director, responsible for general economic affairs, including solvency, accounting, taxation and investment issues. Has been a lecturer and associate professor in International Finance at Copenhagen Business School. Currently holds a position as associate professor in pension economics at Copenhagen Business School. From December 2006 – November 2007 Peter together with the duties at the DIA was acting director of Economics and Finance at the European Insurance Association (Comite Europeen des Assurances, CEA) being responsible for, among other things, the Solvency II project and IFRS accounting regulation.