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Bob Zukis

Senior Fellow, Corporate Governance
The Conference Board

Bob Zukis

Bob Zukis is a senior fellow with The Conference Board Governance Center. Zukis retired on July 1, 2012, from PwC as a Senior Partner and is now focused on disruptive technology start-ups and helping leaders and their companies find their future with information technology as their key enabler. 

Zukis is the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Saaskwatch Systems.  He is also an investor at Hyde Park Angels where he invests in start-ups in the Midwest, USA.   Bob is also active across the Board community where he brings a deep understanding of the intersection between business and information technology in the creation and protection of corporate value.

While at PwC, Zukis held President/GM level leadership and management positions across four continents and twenty countries.  One of PwC’s most experienced global Partners, Bob spent over fifteen years living and working outside of the US in the diverse markets of China, Tokyo, London and Saudi Arabia.  As a C-suite advisor with twenty-nine years of overall business experience, his focus has been on emerging markets, technology as a source of competitive advantage and operational excellence.  He has a broad range of industry experience and his functional breadth reflects a deep understanding of business management practices across IT governance, business strategy, IT strategy/operations and security, human capital, CRM and finance and accounting.

Zukis is a sought after speaker, author and thought leader who is regularly quoted and published in a variety of press.   He is currently writing a book on the disruptive impact of social technology in business and is also involved with several social technology start-ups.