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Campbell Soup Company

Campbell Soup Company

Campbell participates actively in the discussion of local, state, national, and international public policy issues relevant to its business strategies and operations, from food safety and advertising to healthcare and international trade. Campbell Soup also contributes to public dialogue on policy issues through memberships in food industry trade associations. Campbell expresses its views candidly and is committed to transparency in our interactions with government agencies and officials.

Campbell has adopted a formal set of Political Accountability Guidelines and related disclosures, which are available on the company's public website. In the U.S., the company does not endorse any individual political party or candidate, but does encourage voluntary political activity by employees. Campbell also established its Public Policy Council, a committee of senior executives that evaluates and advises the company on the array of public policy issues that affect Campbell and the food industry. By providing thoughtful analysis and leadership, the Public Policy Council helps Campbell's Government Affairs group provide information and valuable insights to both to our trade associations and directly to regulatory agencies and elected officials.

Read: Political Accountability Guidelines

You can view Campbell Soup’s complete approach to Public Policy Engagement on the corporate website at:

Committee Representative: Kelly Johnston, Vice President of Government Affairs, Campbell Soup Company

Committee Role: Member