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Jean Marie Navetta

Director of Equality & Diversity Partnerships
PFLAG National / Straight for Equality

Jean Marie Navetta

Jean-Marie Navetta is the Director of Equality & Diversity Partnerships for PFLAG National. In her position, she heads up the organization's Straight for Equality ( campaign which aims to involve more straight allies in efforts to achieve equality for all, with a little humor and a lot of respect for the challenges of culture change.

The project, launched in October 2007, focuses in three primary areas: the workplace, home, and faith communities. To date, nearly 18,000 people have signed on to support Straight for Equality’s work though the Straight for Equality pledge.

Jean-Marie was the co-author of the program’s cornerstone publication the guide to being a straight ally. The book recently passed the 80,000 copies distributed mark, and is now in its second edition.

She is the project’s primary workplace trainer and curriculum developer and created Straight for Equality in the Workplace, a series of trainings to help make the business case for equality and assist organizations in creating a truly supportive culture that goes beyond just policies.

The training series has been presented to more than 6,000 people across the country in companies including Sodexo, Whirlpool, Campbell’s, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, and MetLife. In 2011, when named the best company for LGBT employees by DiversityInc., KPMG cited Straight for Equality in the Workplace as one of the keys to their success.

She has also worked with defense industry organizations to offer support to federal contractors and, in 2010 started providing training services to federal clients in the intelligence community.

Jean-Marie also authored the 2009 publication, Straight for Equality in Healthcare, the second Straight for Equality project that is bringing Straight for Equality’s principles and educational approach into the broader healthcare community. Training for this new module has been offered to the American Medical Association and the Gay and Lesbian Medical association. The publication and additional resources can be found at

In her earlier role as PFLAG National’s Director of Communications, Jean-Marie facilitated placements in major media outlets including The New York Times, CNN, and the Los Angeles Times, as well as a segment on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She has also led partnerships between PFLAG National and Lifetime Television for educational programs for films including A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Arajuo Story and the Emmy-nominated Prayers for Bobby, as well as work with the Nickelodeon network for their series, Degrassi High.

Prior to her tenure at PFLAG National, Jean-Marie worked with the American Association of University Women (, leading media efforts for the organization’s three corporations and was responsible for the research, design, and creation of AAUW’s Online Museum (, which featured more than 125 years of original archival materials.

Jean-Marie, in partnership with her brother – an author and design professor – also led her own consulting group aimed at providing creative services to organizations in both the private and nonprofit sectors. She was recently featured as a contributor to the book Comp It Up: Studio Skills Foundation (2010).

As a graduate of Montclair State University in New Jersey with a degree in Philosophy, Jean-Marie is, most importantly, living proof that people with philosophy degrees do in fact have job potential beyond “freelance philosopher”.