Katherine Schinasi

The Conference Board

Katherine Schinasi is currently an independent consultant.

Until its’ sunset in 2011, Ms. Schinasi was a Commissioner with the Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan, a position she was appointed to by the Majority Leader, U.S. Senate.  The bipartisan Commission was established and charged with recommending effective and efficiency-related  improvements in U.S. contingency operations.  Ms. Schinasi continues to provide advice and assistance to Congress on implementing the Commission’s recommendations. 

As a senior advisor to The Conference Board, a non-profit research firm in New York, Ms. Schinasi was responsible for conducting and commissioning academic level research on 21st century information and communications networks and their impact on society and culture.  She co-edited The Wired World:  How ICT is Transforming Societies, Cultures, and Economies and continues to support TCB assistance to the business community on those issues. 

Until March 2009, Ms. Schinasi was a Managing Director at the U.S. Government Accountability Office.  In that position, she was responsible for advising the Congress on national security and international trade matters and setting strategic directions for GAO as part of the senior executive leadership team. 

Publications by Katherine Schinasi

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