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Dr. David P Doyle

Board Member/Senior Policy Advisor
The Kangaroo Group (European Parliament) Member
TABD (Transatlantic Business Dialogue)

Dr. David P Doyle

Dr. David P. Doyle is a EU Policy adviser/author/lecturer, specialising in EU financial services regulation, covering the banking, insurance and securities' sectors.

A former long-serving Irish diplomat based on mainland Europe in both multilateral and bilateral assignments, he continues to be based in Paris.
He is also a long-standing member of the Board of the joint MEP-EU industry advocacy body, The Kangaroo Group, and secretary to its Financial Services Working Group. He also sits on the board of the joint UK cross-parliamentary/SME-owner body, The Genesis Initiative, focused on SME policy development.

Dr. Doyle is also actively involved in the Transatlantic Business Dialogue (TABD), acts as an EU policy expert on the European Council on Corporate Governance/Conference Board and has co-chaired the joint City of London Corporation/Paris Europlace Accounting Working Group.

His authored works include Cost Control—A Strategic Guide (CIMA/Elsevier: London, 1994 and 2002) which was translated into 15 foreign languages, as well as contributing EU chapters to The Future of Finance after SEPA (Wiley: London, 2008), and A Practical Guide to Corporate Governance (Sweet & Maxwell: London, 2010).

His alumni include the Dublin Institute of Technology, Trinity College , University of Dublin ( Ireland ), and Kingston University (UK).