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Salvatore Vitale

Senior Vice President, Products and Services
The Conference Board

Salvatore Vitale

Sal Vitale, executive vice president of products & services at The Conference Board, is responsible for conferences, councils, centers, experiential programs, webcasts, research working groups, and business information. His team drives 40 percent of The Conference Board revenue, primarily through an annual roster of approximately 350 meetings and 175 webcasts in which senior executives and leading subject-matter experts share knowledge and experiences.

Previously, Vitale ran The Conference Board internal operations, overseeing the information technology, publishing, customer service, and facilities functions. In this role, he led numerous projects related to quality enhancement, website development, and improvements in customer-relationship and database management.

Before joining The Conference Board, Vitale was a principal at Arthur Young and Company and director of information services at the Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research. Vitale has a BS degree in electrical engineering from Lafayette College and an MS degree in industrial engineering from the University of Rhode Island.