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André Brodeur

McKinsey & Company

André Brodeur

André joined McKinsey in 2000 and is located in the Montreal office.  He has worked in the electric power, basic materials, and asset management sectors. His work in these sectors spans strategy, organization, and operations, with an emphasis on risk management. André leads McKinsey’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) service line for non-financial companies in North America. He also leads the firm’s current research efforts on Managing Mega rRsks and Risk in the Boardroom. Typical projects he has led include 1) Transformation program for the risk management function – risk strategy, organization, systems; 2) Trading and hedging strategy at commodity players; 3) Major project risk assessment and mitigation; 4) Stakeholder risk assessment and mitigation. Prior to joining McKinsey, André was a post-doctoral fellow in physics at Harvard University. André holds a PhD in laser physics from Université Laval, a MSc in theoretical physics from Dalhousie University, and a BEng in engineering physics from the Royal Military College of Canada. André is a member of the Board of the Montreal Children’s Hospital

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