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Stephen Sexauer

Chief Investment Officer
Allianz Global Investors Solutions

Stephen Sexauer

Stephen Sexauer has been the Chief Investment Officer of AGI Solutions since inception in June, 2008, and has been a Managing Director of Allianz Global Investors of America LLC or one of its subsidiaries since May, 2003.  Mr. Sexauer has overall responsibility for all investment functions at AGI Solutions and is directly responsible for portfolio risk profiles, asset allocation and fund selection.  Mr. Sexauer is also a member of the AGI Fund Management Board.  Prior to Allianz, Mr. Sexauer was a portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley Investment Management from July 1989-March 2002.  Mr Sexauer worked at Salomon Brothers from November 1986-June 1989.  Mr. Sexauer previously worked in Economic Consulting at Merrill Lynch Economics and at Wharton Econometrics.  Mr. Sexauer holds an MBA from the University of Chicago with concentrations in economics and statistics and a BS from the University of Illinois in economics.

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